Welcome to our gastro pub / restaurant in Mallaig




Homemade soup of the day, served with a crusty roll £3.95

Cullen skink served with a crusty roll £6.95

Rope Grown Mussels in a Italian style OR French style sauce, served with a crusty roll £8.95

 Fresh Mallaig Langoustines served cold with garlic butter £10.00/£20.00

Fresh Mallaig Prawn salad served with brown bread £7.95

Almalti style fish soup served with a crusty roll £6.95

Smoked haddock risotto £5.95

Smoked duck with a cherry tomato style bruschetta served with orange salsa £6.95

Chicken liver pate with caramelized red onion served with out cakes £6.95

Sticky bourbon chicken wings with a cool garlic mayo  £6.95

Salt ‘n’ pepper squid with sweet chilli dip £6.50

Seared hand dived Mallaig scallops served with crispy bacon, lemon, herb butter and crispy apple salad £13,95


Slow braised shin of beef with haggis, roast vegetables and a creamy mash served in a red wine gravy £10.95

Pork tenderloin served with wild rice & ratatouille £11.95

8oz scotch beef fillet steak served with chunky chips, cherry tomatoes and onion rings £25.95

chicken cacciatore with wild rice £10.95

The steam inn Chinese chicken curry served with basmati rice, naan bread and chutney £10.95

Shell pasta & Spicy meatballs served in a tomato, chilli & basil sauce £10.95

Macaroni cheese served with chips and peas £9.95

Seared hand dived Mallaig scallops with crispy bacon, lemon, herb butter and crispy apple sauce £27.95

Leek and mushroom stroganoff £9.95

Courgette, eggplant, onion and pepper bake topped with mozzarella cheese £9.95

Vegetarian lasagna Verdi served with salad and garlic bread £8.95

seafood linguine (squid, prawns & smoked salmon) in a white cream and garlic sauce £16.00

Pan fried seabass fillet served with rataouille, wild rice or a creamy mash £15.00

Fresh Mallaig haddock with chunky chips and peas £9.95

served in beer batter OR crunchy oats and breads crumbs or grilled

Whole tail scampi served with chunky chips and salad £9.95

Rope Grown Mussels in Italian style  OR French style sauce, served with a crusty roll £17.95

Grilled tuna steak served a garlic and herb crumb, salsa verde and salad £15.00

Seafood platter for 2 £75.00

Daily fish specials will also be available


  • served with coleslaw and chips.

  • The Steamy burger £12.00

1/4 pounder beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion rings & relish in a pretzil bun.

The Venison burger £12.00

1/2 pounder venison & marmalade burger with lettuce & tomato in a pretzil bun.

Chicken burger £12.00

Chicken breast in Cajun spices with cheese, bacon, lettuce & tomato in a pretzil bun.

Falafel burger (VG) £10.00

Chickpea & bean burger burger with lettuce, tomato in a pretzil bun served with yogurt dip.

Gourmet hot dog  £10.00

Gourment style hot dog in a pretzil bun served with chips.

Extra toppings £1 : Cheese, bacon, pulled pork, fried egg, onion ring

Extra toppings £0.50 : Fried onions, mushroom, relish


Margarita £8.95

Extra toppings £1 spicy chicken, peperoni, spicy beef, pulled pork, shredded ham, extra cheese

Extra topings £0.50 Pineapple, sweetcorn, mushroom,tomato, peppers, onion, chilli


Chunky chips £3.00, Curly Fries £3.00, Potatoes £2.50, Seasonal Vegetables £2.50,
Salad £2.50, Onion Rings in beer batter £2.50, Mushrooms £2.50, Crusty Bread £2
Garlic Bread £2.50, Cheese £2.50, Beans £2.50, Coleslaw £2.50


Homemade fish fingers
Homemade chicken goujons
Homemade macaroni

served with any two sides: Mash, Chips, Beans, Peas and Salad

Pasta & meatballs in tomato sauce
Soup £2.00


Black Forrest &  white chocolate torte £6.95

Chocolate cake (GF) £6.95

Tiramisu £6.95

Cranachan £5.95

Sticky toffee pudding £6.95

trio of carte d’or ice cream £5.95

choose from: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint chocolate chip.




ALL SERVED WITH Tortilla Chips & Coleslaw

Italian flat bread £5.95

New york bagel £5.95

Panini £6.95

sandwhick (brown/white) £6.95

Toastie (brown/white) £6.95

Baked potato £7.95


BBQ pulled pork

Creamy mexican chicken

Meatball marinara & cheese

Ham & cheese

Cheese & Onion

Tuna Mayo & red onion

Ham & Tomato

Cheese & Tomato

Fresh Prawn Salad £2.00 Extra

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